Our Product

What are Crunch Rolls, you ask? Imagine a thick, deep-fried roll filled with your favorite cheeses and chef-inspired ingredients like Buffalo Chicken, Banana Peppers, or Mac ‘n Cheese. Now imagine biting into its perfectly crunchy outside through to its ingredient jam-packed filling that leaves your mouth watering. It’s a one-of-a-kind snacking experience you have to taste to believe.

Our Past

In 2015, our family owned and operated restaurant opened its doors in the Queen City of Buffalo, New York. Tables were filled immediately and the first Crunch Roll was ordered as an appetizer. Thus, a new phenomenon was born. From that day forward, Crunch Rolls became the most highly demanded deep-fried crunchy goodness that Western New York has ever known. But that was only the beginning.

Our Present

In just two short years, Crunch Rolls became such a sensation that we launched Crunch Factory™ to reach the masses with our signature family recipe. Crunch Factory™ now serves over 3,000 locations across the country and is growing every day.

Our Mission

We won’t stop until every snack lover in the country tastes what the hype is all about. We’re expanding into new markets every day and spreading the goodness of Crunch Rolls. Our mission is to build out the Crunch Factory™ name with new flavors, new products, and new ways of imagining hot crunchy snacks for the masses to enjoy.